Microbe Information

There are many things that can contribute to improving your soil health: using cover crops, using more diversity in your crop choices and reducing tillage. Bio-stimulants can work together with these steps to help improve nutrient cycling and soil health.

10 Reasons Why to Feed Your Soil Residue and Biology:

  1. Residue Management: Healthy soil biology helps compost residue at the proper speed into humus.
  2. Warm-up: Healthy soil biology helps warm your ground up quicker in the spring and keep it cooler in the hot summer.
  3. Hardpan Reducer: Healthy soil microbes over time help open up your hardpan so crop roots can grow deeper.
  4. Healthy soil with good organic matter and humus holds moisture longer between rains.
  5. Erosion Prevention: Healthy soil has larger flocculated soil particles which help resist wind and water erosion.
  6. Crop Protection: Healthy soil helps to buffer your crops development when the weather is too hot, too cold, too wet, and too dry.
  7. Saves your money: Healthy soil managed properly requires less fertilizer than fields that are low in soil life and low in humus.
  8. Increase in Fertilizer Efficiency: Your fertilizer program will work better because soil microbes help convert and hold your fertilizer in a stable and plant available form.
  9. Manure Management: You can quickly convert and anchor your natural manure nutrients while reducing the danger of nutrient run-off into streams and lakes.
  10. Affordable: For only $2.75 per acre you can feed your soil life in and along with your fertilizer or spray applications. A complete program involves feeding them in the spring and immediately after harvest.

Microbes are the unsung heroes of our planet. We could not exist without them. They are in our soil, air, water, and food. Stimulated in the soil, the healthy, positive colonies of bacteria and fungi actively break down residue and diseases in the soil leaving behind rich, plant-available nutrients. Microbes help balance soil pH, destroy pathogens, and build organic matter.

When the soil microbes are in balance there will be less nutrient loss and less erosion. This is because soil microbes hold plant nutrients in a stable, plant-available form.

Experience has taught us that feeding the microbes early in the spring and immediately after harvest can greatly enhance the performance of nutrient cycling. Micro-Energy’s Energy-Pack is an excellent compost starter for cycling your crop residues.