Energy-Pack is an all-natural, bio-stimulant for farm, gardening and sod. It is also very successful in speeding up the conversion of green manure into plant available humus. We all know it is important that our gut has all the healthy bacteria to ward off disease and promote a healthier body. The same principles are true of soil. Having healthy soil biologically helps the crops take in the needed nutrients and build its defense system against diseases.

In the spring, healthier ground can warm up quicker. The previous crop stover recycles faster into plant food in the presence of good healthy microbes and fungi, causing the ground to thaw faster than unhealthy ground.

When soil microbes are in balance, there will generally be less nutrient loss and erosion.

We cannot exist without microbes. They are in our soil, air, water and food. Microbes help balance soil pH, destroy pathogens, and build organic matter.

Energy-Pack works best if applied at least two times a year. The most optimal times to apply are early in the spring and right after harvest. Weather in the upper Midwest often does not allow time to spray the stover after harvest and so many farmers apply the second application with their post emerge chemicals or in a side dress trip. Any liquid trip across the field including pop-up fertilizer is an opportunity to jump-start your microbes to be healthy and beneficial.

Fertilizer that is surrounded by healthy soil is less likely to be tied up and unavailable to your crops.

One of the most interesting benefits of increasing soil health is to see the increase in earthworms. They bring many benefits to a growing crop. We do not recommend using Energy-Pack on actual putting greens because of the piles of droppings earthworms leave on the surface. All other types of sod including your front and back yard and golf course fairways are great places to apply Energy-Pack.

How to Use Energy-Pack

In the spring, broadcast with ten gallons of water or fertilizer or apply in furrow with your pop-up fertilizer. If you have a significant amount of crop residue (stover) we recommend a double rate. The Energy-Pack will provide the stimulus for microbes that are already in the soil and residue, but are not active. Fertilizer that is surrounded by biologically healthy soil will be less likely to become tied up and unavailable to your crops.

Immediately following harvest, apply another application of our Energy-Pack with ten gallons of water or include it in another planned trip across the field. You have now greatly accelerated the natural conversion process from crop residue to soil humus.

General Crop Application:
Most small grains and row crops can be treated with an early liquid fertilizer solution or together with post-emerge chemicals. One example of this would be to include Energy-Pack with your pop-up starter.

Alfalfa Application:
Alfalfa is a crop that absolutely loves being foliar fed nutrients and biologically stimulated after every cutting.

Sod Application:
Every time you fertilize or spray so, you can include one ounce per acre. Biologically healthy soil can choke out weeds more effectively and may require less watering.

Garden Application:
Apply directly to your soil or compost before planting and incorporate into the soil. Once a crop has begun the reproduction stage, it is time to hold-off with biological stimulants until after harvest.

Corn Application:
Many growers have found yield benefits when Y-dropping nitrogen into tall corn to including the Energy-Pack.

Manure Composting:
To accelerate the composting of green manure into plant-available nutrients, a feed lot can be sprayed prior to cleaning and piling. Another option would be to apply your manure to your fields and spray with water and Energy-Pack afterward.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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