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The faster you can naturally convert your crop residue after harvest to organic matter, the more available nutrients you will have for your crops the following year. Micro Energy brings you a bio-activator designed to be used in your crops, gardens and yards to improve nutrient cycling and availability.

Many soil research firms agree that that leaves and stalks from a 180 bu. corn crop contain up to 60 pounds of “N”, 24 pounds of “P”, and 100 pounds of “K”. Biologically composting the residue allows you to recap as much of this as possible, not to mention the 1000+ pounds per acre of carbon that you store in the ground! More carbon equates to building your organic matter.

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Dirt Tidbits

  • One tablespoon of healthy dirt contains more microbes than the number of humans on earth.
  • Humus has 3 to 4 times more holding capacity (per volume) of both nutrients and water than does the clay soil particles themselves.
  • Earthworm Castings are very much like humus. After soil has passed through an earthworm, the calcium increases 3 times, nitrogen 5 times, phosphate 7 times, and potassium 11 times.
  • Most active tunneling by earthworms is done during the cool, wet seasons of fall and early spring. Working your fields too wet, however, can seal off the oxygen in the soil thereby hurting earthworm activity and growth.
  • Overworking your soil lowers oxygen levels.
  • Biologically alive soil seldom have wind and water erosion problems compared to soils low in biological activity. This is due to the flocculated soil particles which are larger, much like the soil you find in tree groves or in the fence line.
  • Healthy aerobic soil should have a spring plowed smell that is fresh and alive. A stale smell indicates that anaerobic bacteria levels are too high and aerobic bacteria levels are too low.

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