Dick Wahl and I met while selling fertilizer for the same company in 2006 when an opportunity presented itself to buy the rights to manufacture and sell a natural bio-stimulant that I had tried and liked. We launched Micro-Energy in 2007 and have primarily grown through word of mouth over the past 16 years.

Dick brought with him extensive experience in the animal and feed business, while I had grown up on a dairy farm, giving us a unique set of skills and knowledge to draw upon. Through some trial and error, we enlisted the help of farmers to conduct research on our product, and were thrilled with the results they produced.

Through our experiences, we discovered that certain soils would respond and improve more rapidly than others. While we encountered a handful of mistakes, we made a concerted effort to learn from them. As our business grew, we decided to invest in university-style research in 2015, and have continued doing so to this day.

Even while farming on my own, there's nothing quite as satisfying as witnessing our customers' fields flourish, even during excessively wet or dry conditions. Achieving soil health is a journey that can be facilitated by a multitude of factors. While our bio-stimulant is one such tool that we encourage farmers to use, we recognize that it is only a piece of the puzzle. At the end of the day, the ultimate victor is not the one with the highest yields, but rather the one who has the best return on investment. This can only be accomplished by improving soil health, thereby increasing resilience to extreme weather conditions.

Our business has grown by the grace of God, and we are humbled by the chance to continue in our mission of providing farmers with a cost-effective means of enhancing the vitality of their soil.