We are very happy with the performance of the Energy-Pack. We’ve used this product since 2007 and it continues to help improve the soil health and nutrient cycling in our fields. Our corn stalks disappear faster and are not an issue in the soybeans following corn. Wyndmere, ND - Customer since 2007
Hilltops are not drying up during times of drought like my neighbors fields. This past year I was getting 8-10 bushels per acre more corn on average where the Energy-Pack was used.”Edgeley, ND
Ground is holding more moisture and the ground is warming up quicker in the spring. Protein seems to be consistently higher in wheat fields.Wolf Point, MT - Customer since 2013
This is the first time in my life I have seen earthworms on this farm! Ground definitely holds more water longer for crops to survive during the dry season of summer.Southwest of Great Falls, MT
My heavy ground has become slightly spongy and I noticed my neighbor’s soybean field was hard on top after helping him harvest his soybeans. These fields were side by side.Abercrombie, ND - Customer since 2007
The Energy-Pack out-yielded a competitive bio-activator which was more expensive. My soybeans were three bushels better!Dwight, ND - Customer since 2009
Soil keeps getting better and better. My worst field five years ago is now one of my best fields. My agronomist always notices my good soil structure and how mellow the ground is.Lisbon, ND - Customer since 2008
This year I put the Energy-Pack side by side with a competitive product costing quite a bit more but the Energy-Pack out-yielded it by 10 bushels per acre and the corn was dryer! I’ve been totally satisfied with this product.”McLeod, ND - Customer since 2009
Much Bigger root systems on wheat and pulse crops. Roots like this will endure droughts much better and provide good nutrient uptake.Havre, MT
I applied a double rate on CRP ground and was very happy with the results breaking down the trash into humus allowing us to get a crop the first year we broke the ground up.Eastern, MT - Customer since 2013
Highly erodible ground was not blowing in a late October wind storm while a lot of the fields around it were drifting like the dirty 30’s. All of these fields had been chisel plowed because of harvest ruts created by excessive rains in August.Colfax, ND - Customer since 2007
Soil health just continues to improve.Pierre, SD
Soil was five degrees warmer on average in the early spring when comparing to my neighbors fields. All these fields are minimum-till and we tested eight different quarters after using the Energy-Pack three years.Scottland, SD
The Energy-Pack performed as good as or better than a competitive more expensive product. I’m happy with the results. Lamoure, ND (seven year customer)