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Product Purchases and Questions
To purchase one of our products, please call one of the reps below or use our contact form and someone will get back to you shortly. They will be able to best answer your questions and set you up with a plan for your specific needs, be that soil health or animal health.

Distribution and Sales Inquiries
If you are interested in distribution or sales with Micro Energy, please contact one of our sales reps to discuss possibilities and if this would be a good fit.

National Sales Reps
Marlow Nash: 701-640-3222
Dick Wahl: 419-235-6047

Regional Sales Reps
Northeast Montana
Sam Ortman: 406-263-4064

Lisbon, ND Area
Jeff Lyons: 701-308-4059

Northeast, ND
Paul Cose: 701-238-7880

Buffalo, ND Area
Tim Berntson: 701-840-1157

Southeast, ND
Ben Marfell: 218-770-9979